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Installing and Configuring Meeting+

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What to Know:

  • Your password is never shared with our systems
  • Every action you take in Slack (log time, comment, etc) will be attributed to your account in Jira.
  • Your permissions are based on your Jira access.

Installing the Bot

  1. Navigate to
  2. Allow Integration+ access to your Slack workspace
  3. Select Meeting+ on the dashboard sidebar
  4. Click Add to Slack
  5. Allow Meeting+ access to your Slack workspace

Congratulations! The Meeting+ bot is now available as an application in your workspace.

Configuring the Bot

  1. Navigate to the Meeting+ Home Tab
  2. Click the Connect to Jira link
  3. Allow Meeting+ access to your Jira installation

Congratulations! Meeting+ will now recommend ticket suggestions when answering meeting questions

Having trouble installing or configuring Meeting+? Please see our Admin Connection Guide for more information. Still stuck? Email us at
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