Scrums Across Timezones

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Meeting+ enables you to set reporting times based on the timezone of each user, to ensure timely reporting.

What to Know:

  • Meeting+ must be installed to your workspace to create scrums.
  • Meeting+ uses the time zone that the user has selected in Slack (typically synched with their computer time)

Setting up a Scrum Across Multiple Time Zones

  1. Navigate to the home tab of the Meeting Plus Application
  2. Click Create Scrum
  3. Give your scrum a name and description
  4. Click Next
  5. In the When do participants need to respond? dropdown, select Before Specific Time in Local Time Zone
  6. In the dropdown that appears below your selection, pick a time- for example, 5:00pm.
  7. Complete your Scrum setup

Each scrum participant will be prompted to respond to the meeting questions before 5pm, automatically adjusted to their local timezone.

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